Affiliate Link Protect provides a quick and easy fix for one of the biggest problems facing affiliate marketers.

You may not be aware of this problem, but if you promote any affiliate program, it is almost certainly costing you a substantial proportion of your commissions.

The problem arises when instead of simply clicking on your affiliate link, a customer copies the link into the Address field at the top of their browser and modifies the link before using it.

This modification comes in two forms - chopped links and stolen commissions

To illustrate this, take a look at this typical affiliate link:


This link is for a web site "www.salessite.com" and an affiliate ID of 1234.

The Chopped Link
For no good reason, other than simply to stop you getting commission, a surprisingly large number of people will chop off the affiliate part of this link before using it, leaving just http://www.salessite.com.

The Stolen Commission
Some people will sign up to the affiliate program themselves, then change the 1234 to their own affiliate ID before buying the product. The result is that YOUR commission gets paid into THEIR account. This is common for products sold with high levels of commission, such as most ebooks and software.

In both these cases, you lose a commission that should rightfully be yours.

Using your copy of Affiliate Link Protect, you can avoid this problem, automatically with just a few button clicks, substantially boosting your affiliate commission checks.

HOW TO USE Affiliate Link Protect
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1. Enter the affiliate link in the
Affiliate link box.

2. Choose the
Type of page using the drop-down selection.
There are 5 different types of redirect page used on the Internet. Affiliate Link Protect can build all 5 types. If your web host supports PHP (most web hosts support this), then you are recommended to use a php redirect page. Otherwise, you are recommended to use a standard redirect page. For a description of all 5 types of page, see the "Types Of Redirect Page" section below.

4. Click the
Save To File button then select where to save the new redirect page on your PC.
The complete new redirect page will be created and saved onto your PC.
The new link will be put onto the Windows clipboard automatically. Now you can use your usual editor to update all the emails or web pages where you were using the affiliate link. Simply paste from the Windows clipboard, replacing the affiliate link with the new link.


This section provides details of the 5 different types of redirect pages that can be created by this software. You can skip this section if you wish.

1. A PHP redirect page uses PHP script to perform the redirection. This is the simplest and fastest form of redirect page available. It requires support for PHP on your web site so may not work for some web hosts. You can try a PHP redirect page to see if it works. If it does not work, use a standard redirect page instead.

2. A standard redirect page uses the refresh meta-tag to perform the redirection. This is the most commonly used method on the Internet. It's slower than PHP redirect pages and not quite as secure, but is the best method if your web host does not support PHP.

3. A Javascript redirect page uses Javascript to perform the redirection. This has the drawback that it requires the users browser to support Javascript (some people do not have this enabled). Javascript redirect pages do include code to handle cases where the users browser does not support Javascript, but this requires the user to click on a second link, which is a little cumbersome. It is usually preferable to use php or standard redirect pages. Javascript redirect pages do however allow you to manually modify them if you want, to include things like creating popups before redirecting. (You have to add code for this yourself manually. Affiliate Link Protect does not do this for you).

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