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  Why Use Increase Traffic software?  
When someone queries a search engine for a keyword related to your site's products or services, does your page appear in the top 10 matches or does your competition? If you're listed, but not within the first two or three pages of results, you lose, no matter how many engines you submitted your site to.

Since the majority of Web site travelers begin with one of the major search engines , visibility on these sites has become crucial for most businesses. But what can someone do to increase his or her rank for keywords and phrases relevant to the Web site's content? The theme you'll hear from most Web marketers these days is this: "Submitting is not enough."
Enter Increase-Traffic Soft :
Increase-Traffic Soft  is a tool that enables Web site owners and managers to systematically improve their Web site's relevance for keyword and phrase queries in the major search engines. Traditionally, this has required long hours of trial and error, as well as poring over dozens of how-to guides and newsletters. Increase-Traffic Soft   generates hundreds or even thousands of laser targeted, keyword focused content pages based on keyword possibilities that have been searched for on the Internet that relate to the topic of the website that you want to promote. 

The number of keywords can rank in the hundreds or even thousands depending on the keyword. 
Increase-Traffic does this quickly and automatically saving you the countless hours of work that would be required to create  the pages .

Picking the best keywords:
Choosing appropriate keywords is absolutely essential to the promotion of your site. Target the wrong keywords and all your efforts will be in vain. Choose the right keywords, and you'll see your traffic skyrocket. Enter Wordtracker Keywords.
Wordtracker Keywords is an integrated service that will help you brainstorm and create a list of effective keywords.

After you use this service, you'll soon have a list of dozens, if not hundreds of keyword phrases you could target on all of the search engines . The service illustrates what we've told customers for years: not everyone is competing for the exact same keywords! There are literally 1000's of opportunities available for any business.
Find YOUR niche, make sure it's one that people are looking for, and then pursue it!

International Database of  most searched keywords  :
Wordtracker Keywords: Wordtracker is a U.K. based company that Increase-Traffic Soft  has partnered with to provide a suite of keyword research tools.
Wordtracker has intern partnered with 2 search engines to provide a database that contains data about what key phrases people have searched on for the past 90 days.

This data is supplied from the metacrawler and dogpile meta search engines and helps you to select selected key phrases that are relevant to your business or service as well as ensuring the selected terms are used by people searching for the product or service. More information about Wordtracker can be found at www.Wordtracker.com.


How to start using Increase-Traffic ?

 It just takes eight Steps to genere  your smart pages:


smart page generator , keywords fields


The number of page depends on number of keywords that included in keywords list .
the best method is to import keywords from wordtracker and  save them in  text file as the one here :   Sturcture of  file :
                                     keywords 1.....n
  Some sample files is delivered with this software :Market.txt,Traffic.txt,Money.txt

  To ADD keywords.
Write your keyword in Keywords list and click ADD Button.

 To Delete keywords:
Select your keywords in Keywords list and click Delete Button.

  To empty Keywords list :
click Delete all Button.



Choose the language by which your pages will be generated  .
Five languages are available

  • Smart Italien language pages

  • Smart French  language pages
  • Smart German language pages
  • Smart Espagnol language pages
  • Smart English language pages


smart page generator , title , url, fields


Url to promote:Fill in url or affiliate program to promote.
Title of your site :
Fill in Title of your site .
Pages will be stored in :
Define the path in which pages will be uploaded , he also serves to   create sitemap and to create links between pages.


affiliates programs 


Pages generated by the software Increase-Traffic Soft can bring you money !!!
in addition to the traffic , because it includes the following programs :

Affiliates programs



Auction-Ads Pay per click When your site's visitors click on an Auction Ad listing and take an action on eBay you earn cash. Actions are defined as a Winning Bid, a Buy-it-Now or a confirmed user registration. AuctionAds is committed to paying out a minimum of 100% of eBay commission revenue. See eBay's affiliate program for details on the payout
Dream Host Web Hosting

Earn $65 CASH for each new account you refer!

Introducing DreamHost Rewards - the most flexible affiliate program of the web hosting world!

You can choose to receive substantial one-time credits for each of your referrals, or recurring credits for every payment that your referrals EVER make to DreamHost!

Credits can be paid out via PayPal or check, or applied to a hosting bill with DreamHost..
You don't even need to host with us yourself!



Fill  in your Auctions-ads-client Click here to obtain Your Auctions-ads-client
     Fill  in your Dreamhost_ID
     Fill  in your Automated Email

-----Fill  in your Marketing Tips



 Click Generate pages Button to generate smart pages.


smart page generator , store pages ,traffic ,money


Select  folder   where  smart pages  will  be stored and click start Button.


FTP and transfer file to site_web
Use  this ftp_client software to transfer your file to siteweb.   Ftp software

In the future version we will add Ftp option to this software (SP_GEN)



Submitting to search engines
Submitting Alone Is Not Enough!


Purpose of submitting:
The purpose of submitting is to register your Web site and its pages with the various search engines so they know you exist and can add your pages to their database. In addition, you'll want to re-submit your pages whenever you make changes that you wish the search engine to be aware of. In many cases, submitting to one search engine will get you listed on many other engines that share the same database.

Why Use WebPosition's Submitter?
Basic "submitter" technology is well established on the Internet. Most submitters are sold by the number of Web sites to which they auto-submit. However, WebPosition's submitter is a much more "intelligent" tool and provides a greater degree of usefulness beyond "blasting a site's address to hundreds of search engines nobody has ever heard of." Instead, WebPosition's submitter focuses on quality, integrity and safety.
It even warns users not to submit too many pages to any one index to discourage users from "spamming" and to avoid breaking subtle "limits" each search engine employs.

WebPosition employs technology, which allows you to submit URLs to search engines without being flagged into a low priority queue -- some engines do this to pages they determine originated from automated submission services or mass submitting tools. WebPosition's submissions look like submissions coming from any standard browser.

WebPosition submits only to the most important search engines. Do not be fooled by submission programs that claim submission to 1000's of sites. Ninety-five percent of your traffic will come from the top 15 to 20 sites. Most of the remaining engines nobody has ever heard of or use.

Most of the sites these programs submit to are not search engines at all, but simply "FFA" services setup to gather e-mail addresses from those submitting in order to send them spam mail.
The key to gaining traffic to your Web site is in your ability to gain top 10 rankings on the major search engines and directories. That's what WebPosition does better than any other product.

The Directory Submission Guide offers critical guidance in submitting manually to the directories. You can even add your own engines to this list.

Unlike other submitters or submitting services, WebPosition's tool verifies that each page exists on Web site BEFORE submitting.  This avoids critical mistakes of submitting a page, and then discovering 6 weeks later that it was never indexed because the page name was misspelled during the submitting process.

The Submitter will warn you if you try to submit too many pages at once on a single day to a single engine.  Most engines now have limits per day.  When exceeded, an entire submission can be ignored.

WebPosition will queue unsubmitted pages that can be scheduled to be submitted on consecutive days.

A "slow submit" option let's you submit one URL per day to each engine which some consultants believe to be the best and safest method to submit to the search engines. Alternatively, if you wish to submit multiple URLs per day to an engine in the safest way possible, you can have WebPosition pause a random number of seconds or minutes between each submission. This more closely emulates how a manual submission in your browser would be performed.

You can private-label your Submission reports so that they can be sent to clients. By checking a box, the reports will make no mention of you using WebPosition.

The Submitter can determine which pages have been modified or added since the last submission and submit only those pages.

The URL Verification Report lets you know if you need to re-submit a page that the engine refused or failed to index.
WebPosition supports many other advanced features such as the ability to import a list of URLs from another application, or to spider an entire Web site to gather that list.



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